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Ural State University of Economics


Ural State University of Economics trains economists with various specializations, technologists, lawyers and specialists in the field of public administration.


  • 300-350th in QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Rankings
  • 227th in Academic Ranking of World Universities-European Standard (ARES)
  • 749th in World University Ranking
  • 301-350 in QS BRICS Rankings - 2019

Accommodation during studies:

  • The University has 3 dormitories, where everything necessary for living is provided.
  • 1 - 4 students live in furnished rooms.
  • There is a spacious shared kitchen equipped with modern furniture, electric stoves, and refrigerators on each floor. The buildings are equipped with shower rooms and laundries.
  • All residents are provided with bedding, bed linen is changed every ten days.
  • Gyms with modern gym machines and equipment are equipped for sports.
  • There are student canteens on campus.

14 sports sections are open during extracurricular hours:
• arm wrestling
• badminton
• basketball
• boxing
• volleyball
• football/soccer
• different types of fitness sections
• other sports sections

USUE Community Center is a platform that provides for the development of the creative potential of university students.
• Vocal Studio
• Academy of Presenters
• Dance teams
• Musical groups
• Cheerleading Team
• Drama Club


Tuition Fees: 97 000 – 154 000 rubles a year (depending on the specialty and the success of the entrance exams).

Cost of accommodation: from 800 rubles per a month.

Bachelor degree

List of Bachelor's degree specialties offered at the University:

• Information Systems Development and Administration
• Automated Systems Software
• Intelligent information processing systems
• Engineering of enterprises and information systems
• Information and analytical systems of financial monitoring
• Food Biotechnology
• Organization and management of enterprises in Food Industry
• Land Management and Investment Design
• Quality Management at Industrial Engineering Systems and Service Business
• Business Analytics
• Accounting, Analysis and Audit
• Business Security and Risk Management
• Corporate Economics and Business Project
• World Economy and Foreign Economic Activity
• Finance and Credit
• Health Economics
• Economics of enterprises and organizations
• Internet marketing
• Creative management in client-oriented organizations
• Marketing and Advertising
• International management
• Business organization and planning
• Small Business Management
• Financial Management: Controlling and Risk Management
• Human Resource Management and Labour Economics
• Digital business
• Logistics in Commercial Activities
• State Control and Supervision of the Quality of Goods and Services
• Law and Business
• Law enforcement and Human Rights activities
• Tourism
• Hotel and Restaurant Business

Master degree

List of Master's degree specialties offered at the University:

• Intelligent Management of Digital Enterprises
• Corporate Information Systems
• Digital Business Analytics
• Nutritionology in Food Industry
• Food Industry Management
• Quality Management in Business Systems
• Business expert evaluation of pricing, commodity markets and procurement
• Data Management and Business Analysis in Foreign Economic Activity
• Sustainability of Corporate Business in the Global and National Economy
• Financial, Management, Tax Accounting, Analysis and Audit
• Economic Security and Risk Management
• Economics of Organization: Business Analysis and Performance Management
• Economics and Healthcare Organization
• International Business (The language of instruction is English)
• Marketing and Branding
• Strategic and Project Management
• Management in Tourism and Hospitality (The language of instruction is English)
• Project and Program Management
• Human Resource Management and Personnel Data
• Strategic Technologies of Human Resource Management
• Economics of Human Resources (HR-business partner)
• Integrated Logistics and Cargo Transportation in the Supply Chain
• Financial Markets and Investments
• Legal Support of Entrepreneurship and Business Protection

Telegram Students Internationsl
Telegram Students Internationsl

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